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If you detail vehicles for a living, cleaning and conditioning leather seats is a lucrative source of income. Leather seats show dirt and grime after just a couple of years, yet vehicle owners take great pride in their appearance. You might consider this service as an add-on to boost your bottom line. Here are some best practices to follow when cleaning and conditioning leather seats in a vehicle.

In the automotive detailing industry, there’s much confusion around the topics of Car wax and paint sealant. This uncertainty makes sense since these terms are often mistakenly used interchangeably, and many people have been led to believe that wax is a sealant. While the truth of that statement is often debated, paint sealants have begun to emerge as a separate product in recent years.

If you run a car wash, specialize in car detail, or operate a car dealership, you need to choose the best towels to use on vehicles. Certain types of towels are safer on the paint, and special brushes are necessary to detail a car in a professional manner. A national manufacturer of microfiber towels has the supplies you need to satisfy your customers.

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