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Professional grade car wash brush and automotive detailing brushes. Power drill attachments or hook & loop backing plate brushes. Water flow-thru brush heads and telescopic poles. Tire dressing applicators brushes. Carpet, upholstery, leather goods care brushes, dashboard detailing brushes and much more. We have a huge selection. Varieties of bristles: soft, medium, and stiff grade bristles for different tasks.

Whether you’re washing, detailing, or maintaining your vehicle, we have the perfect brush for the job. Whether you are looking for the perfect tire dressing brush or tire scrubbing brush, you’ll find it here. We carry a large selection of brushes to meet your needs, whatever they may be.

  • Our auto detailing brushes are perfect for cleaning air condition vents and heating vents. It is also a great tool for removing dust and accessing hard-to-reach places with the long-handled, fine-bristled tool.
  • Auto scrub/truck wash brush: These brushes contain coarse bristles to extract dirt from surfaces and hard to reach areas. This powerful fender cleaning brush is tough on dirt and grime, yet gentle and safe for the use on your vehicle.
    • Scrub brush for drill: This brush can be attached to your drill head for an ultra-powerful clean.

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