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Dura Gloss Rubber And Plastic Protectant For Tires 8 Oz.

Molecularity engineered to provide long lasting protection against the damaging effects of UV rays. Developed with an advanced emulsification process to provide binding or cling to applied surfaces, while restoring and retaining essential oils, vital to plastic, rubber, and vinyl. As a result of the binding process, tires will be a deep, dark, glossy black color for an extended period of time. Directions: Wash surface to remove any debris. Apply cream to an applicator sponge or brush and spread evenly on desired surface. Let it dry for 10 minutes before driving to eliminate splatter.
Total: $7.44
Price / kg:
  • Provide long lasting protection against the damaging effects of UV rays
  • Bring tires to a deep, dark and glossy black color
  • 8 oz. / bottle


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